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Percussion with Voice

Come Away
Soprano and Vibraphone

Mark Goodenberger
Price: $18.00
Come Away, Score Samples

Scored for soprano and vibraphone. The text (in English) for Come Away
draws from the Song of Solomon, in the Hebrew Scripture. The original prose is the serenade of a young man inviting his beloved to follow him
for a time of romance.
In Come Away,
the words evolve into
a ballad of unrequited love. Nice change of pace for recitals or sacred settings!
Requires 4 mallets. adv. high school/college.

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Sound Sample
Desert Songs
for SATB Choir and Percussion Duo

G. Bradley Bodine
Price: $37.95/$9.95
Desert Songs 1, Score Samples

Scored for SATB choir and percussion duo, this work combines the delightful poetic texts of Byrd Baylor and the challenging music of G. Bradley Bodine in a unique setting. While initially scored for two
very busy(!)
percussionists, the parts can be separated,
for up to four players. Percussion
two marimbas (5- and 4 1/3-octave), sand block, bodhran, glockenspiel, small and large caxixi,
riqq (or tambourine), suspended cymbal and high hat.

Full Score and Percussion Parts: $37.95

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Vocal Scores: $9.95

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Four Basho Haiku
Soprano and Vibraphone

Jorge Vidales
Price: $22.95
Four Basho Haiku, Score Samples

2nd place winner PAS Composition Contest - 2008! Scored for soprano and vibraphone, this work in four movements: Winter Garden, Awake at Night, Stillness and Moonlight Slanting,
is based on Haiku texts. 
A challenging work for both performers.  college/professional.

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Score and Sound Samples 

Digital Download Version
Missa Brevis
for Mezzo-soprano
and Vibraphone

Brett Jones
Price: $17.95
Missa Brevis, Score Samples

Scored for mezzo-soprano and vibraphone. This work consists of two short but challenging movements: Kyrie and Gloria, and makes use of Greek and Latin texts. The vibraphone part does not serve merely as accompaniment to the soprano, but rather in many instances displays interesting rhythmic and melodic counterpoint to the sopranos melodic lines. The vibraphone part requires four-mallets and intermediate/advanced technique. This piece offers a unique setting of these texts and would be appropriate both for sacred settings and the concert hall! college.

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Sound Samples:
Kyrie    Gloria
Visions of the Glory of God
for Soprano (Tenor)
and Vibraphone

Walter B. Saul
Price: $25.00
Visions of the Glory of God, Score Samples

Written for Doug Walter, and scored for soprano (opt. tenor) and vibraphone, this work is based on four poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins that portray many different aspects of the Holy Trinity.
A challenging work for vibist, this work would be suitable for both the recital hall or a sacred setting. college.

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Without a Trail to Lace
for Soprano
and Vibraphone

Alan Chan
Price: $22.95
Without a Trail to Lace

1st place winner PAS Composition Contest - 2008! Scored for
soprano and vibraphone, this work in two movements: Mother's Lament and Daughter's Lullaby, is based on text by Nicky Schildkraut.
A challenging work
for vibist. college/professional.

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