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Multiple Percussion Duets

Alabaster Vase (The)

Stefano Ottomano
Price: $24.95
The Alabaster Vase
1st Place Winner
PAS ITALY Composition Contest (2015)

A unique multi-percussion duet centered on two snare drums that are mounted snare side "up" - various sonic effects are created by playing on the snare strands themselves as well as on the batter head (upside down). To this amalgam is added two bass drums (pedal), two bass drums (concert) and bongos.
The rhythms are often intricate and interlocking between the two players. This is a challenging duet suitable for accomplished percussionists.

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. . . Digga-digga Deegot
David Jarvis
Price: $17.95
. . . Digga-digga Deegot

An energetic and highly rhythmic work for two players performing on
small multiple percussion set-ups. The title is a phonetic representation of the main theme, which is heard at the opening of the piece. It is common among percussionists to vocalize rhythmic figures when practicing or communicating with each other. In this case Digga-digga represents a group
of four 16th notes and Deegot two accented
16th notes.
adv. high school/college. [Recorded on CD - Parhelion/Equal Temperament on Eroica-JDT 3020]

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Anthony Miranda
Price: $17.95

A piece of moderate difficulty for two or
more players using all membrane percussion surfaces - requiring focused concentration and attention to nuance.
The interchanging accents and stereophonically treated sounds,
with players dueling, make this an effective and exciting work.
high school/college.

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Homage A Mi Amigo
Rich Holly
Price: $11.50
Homage A Mi Amigo

Duet in which both players share the same instruments. Rhythms based on, and inspired by, those commonly found in Afro-Cuban music. Tom toms (8), timbales (4) and set of bongos. high school/college.

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In the History of Man
Ben Wahlund
Price: $18.95
In the History of Man

Winner of the
1st Annual
Quey Percussion Duo Composition Contest (2005) - this is a unique
duet scored for
Drum Set and Marimba.
Intricate interaction
between the parts makes
this a challenging workout! Requires a
5-octave marimba.

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Video Sample
Robert Mols
Price: $19.95

Scored for two flutists and two percussionists, this moderately difficult piece requires tight ensemble playing featuring the vibraphone and marimba. An ideal recital piece.

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Marimba Music: for Percussion Trio or Duo
Eckhard Kopetzki
Price: $24.95
Marimba Music: for Percussion Duo or Trio

An appealing and accessible title that features a marimba soloist with percussion accompaniment. The percussion parts are set up
to be played by either two players, or one, allowing flexibility in programming - the piece can be performed either as a trio or duo. While the marimba part requires moderately advanced four-mallet skills, the percussion parts are a bit less challenging but very active and fun to play! Instrumentation: Marimba (with woodblock). Percussion 1: two snare drums and cymbal. Percussion 2: bass drum, cymbal and woodblock. Percussion soloist version: bass drum, snare drum, cymbal and woodblock. adv. high school/college.

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Sound Samples:
1   2  
Movement in Time
Maurice Wright
Price: $30.00
Movement in Time

This challenging duo for two multi-percussionists also employs electronic sounds - including sampled percussion instruments
(CD included).
This work of Wright's is dedicated to the memory of Charles Owens, and
was commissioned by
Don Liuzzi.
Instrumentation: vibraphone, xylophone, orchestra bells, timpani (4, tam-tams (4), and snare drum. college/professional. "The piece was virtuosic, rhythmically appealing, jazzy, brisk, suave all in all, fun to hear and apparently good fun to play, as well." (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/85)

"In Movement In Time,
two percussionists often do the work of four or five. . . . They didn't just play their instruments; they scurried from one of numerous and sundry instruments to another. The droning of eerie, computer-generated sounds accompanied the frenetic activity. . . . The vast majority of . . . . listeners reacted with justifiable enthusiasm . . . . " (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/95)

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Parables (The)
Dan Heslink
Price: $28.00
The Parables

Scored for two multi-percussionists and narrator - percussionists interpret text based on New Testament scripture. Twelve movements, can
be performed in various combinations, requires large array of percussion instruments: timpani (4), chimes, xylophone, tam tam, vibes, orchestra bells, and numerous small percussion instruments; whistles, maracas, cymbals, claves, . . .
adv. high school/college.

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Prelude and Episode for Percussion Duo
Ken Shorley
Price: $17.95
 Prelude and Episode for Percussion Duo, Score Samples

Honorable Mention -
Quey Percussion Duo Composiition Contest - 2005. At times subtle,
at times highly rhythmic, this is a unique and challenging duo
in two movements: Prelude, for Frame Drum (Bodhran, played lap-style) and Gong; and Episode, for
Frame Drum and Darabuka.
This piece calls for a variety of performance techniques, and some prior familiarity with basic hand drum performance practice
would be an asset, when approaching this piece - although all strokes/techniques are explained in the accompanying descriptive notes. A unique addition to any advanced level recital! college.
[Recorded on Hand to Hand - HRCD010]

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Sound Samples:  I  II
the ceiling is alive
Brad Dutz
the ceiling is alive

The title: "the ceiling is alive" was inspired by a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC special on BATS in a cave. A clump of bats slightly moving in the dark, create the mirage that the rock ceiling of a cave is alive...

The piece is scored for six Chinese cymbals [three for each player], laid upside down on a soft surface, or ideally, on pieces of foam rubber. As the work progresses, the cymbals are flipped over, both players "crossing" to the other's set-up - each playing on the other's cymbals.
adv. high school/college.

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David McBride
Price: $17.95

Timing was inspired by
the sound of a baby's heartbeat inside the womb.  Scored for two multi-percussionists,
player one's part represents the mother's body sounds while player two represents the child.  Often, the child's part is the same as the mother's, only faster.  Canons and close imitation represent the mother and child's shared experience.  This is a unique and challenging recital piece.  college/professional.

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Traveling Distances
Jennifer Hotz
Price: $17.95
Traveling Distances, Duet for Pandeiro and Riq

Lively feature for two  players - on Pandeiro and Riq. Written with Intricate ensemble passages as well as solo space for both players - the piece combines a variety of rhythmic patterns from both Brazil and
the Middle East.
adv. high school/college.

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Eric Guinivan
Price: $20.00

2nd place winner - Quey Percussion Duo Composition Contest - 2006. Twelve is a progressively fast-paced study in development and crescendo. Scored for twelve drums, two tam-tams, and two bells, Twelve begins with a very simple rhythmic idea that is elaborated, developed and layered through a variety of textures and tempos while maintaining a gradual accelerando and crescendo throughout.  As the piece reaches the moment of highest intensity, the key rhythmic elements begin to unfold in reverse as the tempo becomes even quicker!  Duration: ca. 12' 46"  college/professional.

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Two Places in Trinidad
Scott R. Meister
Price: $17.95Two Places in Trinidad

Lively tune scored for a
duo of tenor and
double seconds - it can be expanded to four, six or
eight players by using any
equal number of tenor and double second players.
The first movement
(Port of Spain . . . .Traffic)
is in a lilting 6/8 and the second movement
(Maracas Bay) moves at a quick pace in cut-time.

In the second movement
the double second player(s) adds a tambourine to be played by his/her foot while simultaneously playing pans. high school/college.

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You're Makin' Me Dizzy
Rich Holly
Price: $12.95
You're Makin' Me Dizzy

Feature for two conga players - intricate ensemble passages as well as solo space for both players - crowd pleaser!  adv. high school/college. [Recorded on Hand to Hand - HRCD010]

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