SNARE DRUM BOOKS: Methods and Collections

An eclectic collection of Snare Drum Literature for Drummers and Percussionists of all performance levels, beginners to advanced - suitable for study, recitals or contests.


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Snare Drum Books: Methods and Collections

Advanced Etudes
Snare Drum

Keith Aleo
Price: $24.95
Advanced Etudes for Snare Drum, Score Samples

Collection of 25 etudes that can
serve as study, contest, audition and/or recital pieces. This collection
could be used effectively as an advanced method or be utilized in
conjunction with other method books serving as supplemental
reading/recital material.  adv. high school/college.

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NEXUS: Portfolio for Snare Drum
Price: $24.95
 NEXUS: Portfolio for Snare Drum, Score Samples

Unique collection of five challenging solos -
one from each
of the members of
NEXUS, in a variety of styles.
Well-suited for contest or recital. high school/college.

Titles: Afro-Ditty/Cahn, Cinq/Wyre, Clean it up - - - please/Engelman, New-thaan/Becker and Raghavan/Hartenberger.

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Sound Sample:
Clean it up - - - please

Video Sample:

Performance Studies for Two
Adams, Aleo, Elster
and LeVan
Performance Studies for Two, Score Samples
Collection of challenging, contemporary duets for snare drum - in some duets, players add woodblocks, cowbells and/or tom toms. Refreshing material that explores polyrhythms, interlocking textures and "grooves", as well as some of the varied "tonal" possibilities of the snare drum. Suitable for study, contest or recital. high school/college.

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Sound Samples:
Progressive Method for Snare Drum
Antonio Santangelo
Price: $27.95
 Progressive Method for Snare Drum, Page Samples

A comprehensive method for snare drum with abundant beginning-intermediate level studies. Contents include basic music terminology, discussions of legato, syncopation, musical expressions, compound metric organization - as well as many  technique exercises for the development of rolls, flams, and accent patterns. Numerous etudes follow the introduction of each new concept. The book culminates with ten challenging solos that make use of the many musical parameters covered throughout the book. Text in English and Italian [115 pages].

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Snare Talk
Denis Stilke
Price: $31.95
Snare Talk: 25 Snare Drum Duets

Collection of 25 easy to intermediate level duets.

"For teachers and students alike, these snare drum duets liven up the learning process with a variety of musical elements: form, rhythm, dynamics, etc.  What makes them fascinating and fun are the dialogues that emerge while playing them. 

The duets are ideal for students who already know basic music reading and playing techniques.  The pieces get more difficult as the book progresses with new elements being introduced, such as different metres, grace notes, rolls, etc.  Some are complete with dynamics.  Others leave room for the players' own dynamic expression. 

The most important aspect, however, is the 'conversation' that develops between the players during these pieces.  Listen for it, and above all, listen to what the other player is 'saying.' 

Several duets are fine concert pieces while others are great for training specific techniques.  This combination enriches the experience of learning to play the snare drum."
. . . Denis Stilke

[102 pages]

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Snare Time: Ten Solos for Snare Drum
Denis Stilke
Price: $23.95
 Snare Time: Ten Solos for Snare Drum, Page Samples

A diverse collection, great for contests or recitals!  Each solo makes use of a different set of technical challenges.  Includes performance notes for each piece in German and English.  adv. high school/college. 

"The pieces I am presenting here originate from my work with snare drum rudiments and snare techniques, which I found especially exciting. My intention was not just to put together some complicated figures, but rather to get a musical idea going that is developed, varied or contrasted in the course of each piece. The result is music of great intensity. Working on these pieces is easiest and the most fun with well developed  technique. This means having a thorough understanding of the rudiments, and the ability to play dynamically. With that in mind, this collection can motivate you to try out what you can do already, improve on the weak spots, and, last but not least, be creative yourself!" . . . Denis Stilke

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 Sound Samples:
The Flea
Spirit of Japan
Up and Down
Spin Cycle: 12 Pieces
Solo Snare Drum

Brett Dietz
Price: $23.95
Spin Cycle: 12 Solos for Snare Drum, Page Samples

Challenging collection for solo snare drum. "These twelve pieces are a written commitment to my first instrument – the snare drum. For many years, I felt that solo pieces for the snare drum were too limited. After writing works for orchestra and wind ensemble, as well as smaller chamber pieces and solos for other instruments, I came to a point that I felt confident enough to compose something for single rhythmic lines - appropriate for snare drum." - BWD

high school/college.

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Studies in Rhythm
Bill Graham
Price: $24.95
Studies in Rhythm, Page Samples

Studies in Rhythm
contains a variety of moderate to advanced level snare drum solos and corresponding duets. The duets are constructed from the main musical elements utilized in each solo, for example: KRUSH is a solo and KRUSH II is a duet, and each share similar musical elements. In addition, the studies in this collection can be played in a rudimental (with open or measured rolls) or orchestral style (closed or buzz rolls).

These solos and duets enable the performer(s) to demonstrate both drumming skills and musical knowledge. Simple, compound and mixed meters are all represented in this collection. These studies are intended to be both educational and fun, and in addition, a viable performance option for auditions, competitions, or recitals. [65 pages]

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The Total Percussionist:
A Beginning . . .
Brian Tychinski
Price: $17.95
The Total Percussionist, Page Samples

As a basic snare drum “primer,“ this very accessible and versatile method book is designed to help introduce young students to the “Total Percussion” concept of music-making. After some initial studies to develop good grip and stroke technique on snare drum, keyboard percussion study is introduced. At all stages of this book, the keyboard pages are rhythmically a few pages behind the snare drum, allowing the student to concentrate on note accuracy. There is much room for flexibility on the part of the teacher - more information can be added where and when it is deemed necessary to meet each individual student’s interests. [45 pages.]

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