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PAS Composition Contest Winners 2010/2011:

TIME-CLOUDS for Solo VibraphoneSCENES FOR SUMMERTIME for Solo Vibraphone/Dana Difilippantonio,
2nd place - 2011.
TIME-CLOUDS for Solo Vibraphone/Jorge Vidales, 3rd place - 2011. 
Variations and Themes for Four Timpani/Peter Coutsouridis, 3rd place 2010.

PAS Italy - 2014

PAS Italy

The 12th annual Italy Percussion Competition and Festival will be held from the 23rd to the 28th of September (2014) in Montesilvano-Pescara (Italy).
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Whats New:

QUEY Percussion Duo Composition Contest Winners 2012

1st Place: Rhapsody for Vibraphone and Marimba/Michael Taylor.
2nd Place: Kinetic Energy for Vibraphone and Marimba/João Pedro Oliveira.

Current News:

PAS Italy Composition Contest Winners 2012

Forthcoming 2014: winning compositions from the 2012 ITALY PAS Percussion Composition Contest!  Percussion Quartets by Pui-shan Cheung (FIVE METALS), Antonio Ballestin Liarte (HIGHWAY SOUNDSCAPES) and Gianni Giacomazzo (ALLEGRA BARBARA).

Forthcoming Events:


Look for Robert S. Cohen's new title for percussion ensemble: Love Triangles for Percussion Trio.




Passacaglia d'autunno for Solo Marimba
A challenginmarimbasolo, suitable for an advanced level recital program.

Galapagos Suite for Solo Marimba
An accessible five-movement suite for the intermediate to advanced levelmarimba soloist.

Rhapsody for Vibraphone and Marimba
1st Place Winner
Quey Percussion Duo Composition Contest - 2012
Vibraphone and Marimba
Michael Taylor

KINETIC ENERGY for Vibraphone and Marimba
2nd Place Winner
Quey Percussion Duo Composition Contest
- 2012
Vibraphone and Marimba
João Pedro Oliveira

Banging(,) Pots and Pans for Marimba Duo

A great Marimba Duet for advanced performers - technically challenging, rhythmically complex with a variety of textures! Alexander Elliot Miller

Mexican Music for Marimba - Son Jarocho

A collection of six catchy titles arranged for Marimba Quartet - 4 players on one instrument! Based on Jarocho music of the
Vera Cruz region of Mexico.
arr. Terry L. Baldridge

Marmba Music of Mexico and Central America

of Mexico and Central America

A collection of ten titles for Marimba Trio. arr. Terry L. Baldridge


Marimba Magic - 24 Duets for ONE Marimba

Marimba Magic - 24 Duets for ONE Marimba Collection of Duets in a variety of musical styles - for beginning to intermediate level performers. Denis Stilke


Scored for 4 players, this ensemble can be played on four concert snare drums, or a combination of "military" or marching snare drums. Sperie Karas

TAKES TWO, Duet for Two Drumsets
Suite for Two Drumsets -
three movements, jazz/swing and rock.
Sperie Karas


    . . . THERE is a uniquely diverse collection of Percussion Music contained in the pages of this website - pieces in just about any combination of Percussion Instruments you could imagine or want!  After 20 years, we like it that way, we value every contribution from an outstanding cadre of composers who hail from the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.  Certainly a unity - great percussion music - within a diversity of compositional styles and techniques.  There are solos, ensembles, methods and collections appropriate for less-experienced students as well as pieces that will challenge the most accomplished performers.  We hope you will take the time to peruse our offerings! 

WE want to acknowledge the thousands of performers who have made the titles in our catalog come alive in performance venues across the globe - Thank You for choosing our Composers, our Percussion Music!

THE site can be searched in a variety of ways: click on the COMPOSERS link and you can see the works associated with each composer, or peruse the listings, in alphabetical order, under each category, e.g.: SOLOS, Snare Drum, DUETS, Snare Drum.

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